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Our Programs

Our project objective is to provide free process-based art experiences to young children ages birth to five to prepare students for successful participation in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs during elementary school. 

STEAM Connection

STEAM is the movement of adding arts education (liberal arts, fine arts, music, design-thinking, and language arts) into the STEM field. The "A” in STEAM promotes curiosity and can create a pathway in attracting more students, specifically underrepresented groups into STEM fields. By participating in Budding Artists process-focused art programming, children will learn how to think critically, problem-solve and use creativity, which are all necessary skills needed in order to compete in this global economy. 

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Exploration Program

This 6-week summer program is focused on providing weekly process-based visual arts instruction.

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Next Chapter

Next Chapter provides books and online book readings to the community.

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Process Based Art Kit Series

The magic of our Exploration Program is captured in these kits which includes art materials, guidebook, and access to on demand instruction videos in English and Spanish.


Pop-Up Workshops

Uniquely curated one-time process-based art workshops that may additionally incorporate music, movement, and technology at various community events. Pop-Up Workshops may also include free art kits for a grab-and-go curated art experience.   

Distance Learning

Virtural Workshops

We deliver engaging online art workshops to bring creativity home. Sessions include guidebook, art materials, and in person instruction via online conference platform. 

Art Class

Artful Parenting Workshop

Formerly called the Adult Process-Based Workshop, the Artful Parenting workshop ensures participants will be prepared with tools to continue the creative learning experience outside of our program in their home.

Why Art?

The arts promote personal well-being, help us understand other cultures in our community, are essential to a well-rounded PreK-12 education.


Of business leaders say that creativity is the one skill they are seeking when hiring.

Only 4%

Of students dropout of schools with a high percentage of arts participation and low socioeconomic status - five times lower than their low socioeconomic status peers.

Only 49%

Of all 3 and 4 year olds attend Preschool in California; 


Many of California’s poorest kids do not have access to publicly-funded preschool programs, despite being eligible.

Just 27%

Of underresourced 

children in California are enrolled in visual and performing arts courses.


Of the poorest public elementary schools don't even have an art room.

The Arts Unify Our Communities

7 in 10 Americans believe the arts unify their communities, and 2 in 5 Americans have changed an opinion or perception based on an arts experience.

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