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As the year goes from season to season two young neighborhood friends enjoy sharing their time together at Lynwood Park. From participating in events sponsored by their city’s recreation department to coming up with their own activities using their imagination, together they play and discover the different adventures to embark on. Join them for a walk in the park, a firework show, a splash in the pool and more! 

Discovering Home at Lynwood Park
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Illustrations created by local artist Danielle Lawson have been transformed into incredible art installations curated by Open Walls, strategically placed throughout Lynwood Park, serving as a nature gallery. Art installations will be accessible from August 5 - 31, 2023. Click below to explore the park map.

Meet the Team

Entirely BIPOC-led, local writers, historians, and artists collected community stories to craft and illustrate an engaging children's narrative through Budding Artists' Path of Pages project. The interactive book, Discovering Home at Lynwood Park is a fun adventure story written with playful rhymes while young readers learn about Lynwood Park’s history, ecosystems, community narrative, and significant infrastructure. 

Budding Artists

This project was funded by the California Arts Council and the Victor Gabriel Estrada Foundation

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