Art & Community

Our Art & Community Initiative is designed to create more artistic opportunities in the South and South East Los Angeles areas, share our work with the community and create engaging fundraising events to support our organizations’ mission and vision. 


SELA Arts Festival

The festival focuses on showcasing the best of the South East Los Angeles community, featuring artists, musicians, local artisans, and much more.

Budding Artists WATO Soap

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is an online summer event bringing unique artisan items in one space to the South & South East Los Angeles area.

Culminating Exhibition 2019.jpg

Annual Culminating 


This event provides our young Summer Exploration program artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in the community.

Educational Toys

Gift of Play

Every year during the holiday season, Budding Artists donates toys to young children in the South and South East Los Angeles areas. 


Paint & Sip

As a way to build community, increase self-confidence, and improve emotional health we launched our first Paint and Sip Fundraiser Event.


Public Art Initiative

Our Public Arts Initiative focuses on donating artwork created by our young artists to local hospitals and public community spaces.