Artful Parenting Workshop

Formerly called the Adult Process-Based Art Workshop, this free 1.5 hour annual workshop walks parents and guardians through their child's process-based art experience. Additionally, participants will be prepared with tools to continue the learning experience outside of session into their home. This workshop is inspired by Jean Van't Hul book, "The Artful Parent".

  • 11 Artful Parenting Tips and Tricks by Jean Van’t Hul:

    • Encourage open-ended exploration, period

    • Assume your children are highly creative (they are!) and treat them as such

    • Model creativity

    • Remember that connection is key

    • Look at the world in new ways together

    • Let your children be bored

    • Offer creative activities, materials, and opportunities regularly

    • Recognize that artful parenting and artful living encompass all aspects of life

    • Celebrate the seasons and holidays throughout the year

    • See each child as a unique being with her own interests, learning style, and personality

"I learned how to allow my child to be creative by asking the right questions" - 2021 Program Participant

Artist Painting on Canvas