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Culminating Exhibition 

The Budding Artists annual culminating exhibition event is designed to highlight artwork produced during our summer exploration program. Launched in 2019, these community events center on the importance of displaying student work as affirming children’s ideas and interests, documenting children’s learning journeys and increases children's self-esteem, sense of ownership, and belonging. For nearly all of our students, this is their first formal experience exhibiting work. Curated in partnership with Open Walls, these exhibitions have become a staple community event that includes local food vendors, pop-up makerspace, free STEAM books and more, attracting over 150 people in attendance and over 250 unique viewers of the virtual exhibition space every year.

2022 Exhibition Set-Up (photographs taken by Carlos Ayon)

2022 Exhibition Pop-Up Event (photographs taken by Carlos Ayon)

2022 Virtual Exhibition  (click image below to view exhibition)


2021 Virtual Exhibition  (click image below to view exhibition)


2019 Culminating Exhibition 

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